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Frequently Asked Questions

What city has the most Hispanics?

The state of New Mexico itself has the highest percentage of Hispanic or Latinos by population in the United States, who in 2013, made up 47.3% of the state's total population. With 807,000 Hispanics making up 61.2% of the population, San Antonio, Texas has the largest Hispanic population of any place in the US with a Hispanic majority population.

How many countries are considered Hispanic?

Hispanic is used to refer to modern Spain, to the Spanish language, and to the Spanish-speaking nations of the world, particularly the Americas, Pacific Islands and Asia, such as the Philippines and Guam.

What 3 states have the largest Hispanic population?

States With the Largest Latino and Hispanic Populations. Combined, the states ofFlorida, Texas, California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona have about 74% of the country's Hispanic and Latino population. Although the figure has dropped a bit due to migration into other parts of the nation,...

What makes someone Hispanic?

The term Hispanic describes a person who is from or has ancestors from a Spanish-speaking territory or country. There are roughly 60.6 million Hispanics in the U.S., which makes up 18% of the total population, according to Pew Research Center findings in 2019.

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