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Frequently Asked Questions

What is heardle 60s game?

Guess the song based on progressively longer clips from an ever-expanding list of great songs from the 1960s, we think you’ll like Heardle 60s game. Heardle 60s is A clone of Heardle, but for 60s songs, that can only be played once a day.

How to listen to 60s songs on heardle app?

When you start playing heardle app, you have to hit play to hear a bit of the song. You can listen to the piece of song as many times as you want. Once you have listened to the first part of the song, you must choose the artist or the title of the song. Listen to the intro, then find the correct 60s song in the list.

What happens if you solve a song in heardle 60s music game?

If the user solves the song can share it with all socials networks. Each Heardle 60s music game is randomly plucked from a list of the most streamed songs in the past decade.

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