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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the California healthy places index?

The California Healthy Places Index (HPI) is a powerful new tool, developed by the Public Health Alliance of Southern California, to assist you in exploring local factors that predict life expectancy and comparing community conditions across the state.

How was the Healthy Places Index created?

The index was created using statistical modeling techniques that evaluated the relationship between these Policy Action Areas and life expectancy at birth. The statistics were designed to maximize the ability of the Healthy Places Index to identify healthy communities and quantify the factors that shape health.

Where can I find the Public Health Alliance of Southern California?

Public Health Alliance of Southern California. Visit us at The Alliance is fiscally administered by the Public Health Institute. For questions about the Healthy Place Index, contact: [email protected]

What is the Public Health Index (HPI)?

The HPI provides overall scores and more detailed data on specific policy action areas that shape health, like housing, transportation, education and more.

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