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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the vocabulary exercises for learning about sickness and health?

On this page, there are 4 vocabulary exercises for learning about sickness and health in English. Exercise 1 is an interactive flashcard exercise in which students will learn the words. Exercise 2 is a ‘drag and drop’ activity in which students must connect the words to the correct pictures.

What is a health and illness conversation?

Here, students have to write a health and illness conversation or dialogue . This is a good way to assess students understanding of the vocabulary and grammar of this topic. This is an elementary English language exercise exploring verbs commonly used in health and medical treatments.

How is illness and symptoms language taught in English as a second language?

Elementary illness and symptoms language is more easily taught to English as a Second language students with the support of a variety of exercises and with the support of pictures and audio which can be used to give context and visually demonstrate medical conditions.

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