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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some words to describe health and illness?

Health and Illness Words, Vocabulary List 1 asthma 2 band aid 3 bandage 4 be allergic to 5 be constipated 6 be exhausted 7 be tired 8 blood 9 blow one’s nose 10 catch a cold 11 chickenpox 12 cough 13 crutch 14 doctor 15 faint 16 family doctor 17 feel dizzy 18 feel good 19 feel sick 20 flu More ...

Why learn Health and illness vocabulary in English?

Learning the vocabulary for health and illness in English can help you communicate more effectively with your doctor, or understand instructions from a medical professional. It can also help you feel more confident when discussing your health with others. In this blog post, we’ll share a list of essential English health and illness vocabulary.

Do you need to know basic health-related vocabulary?

While you don't need to understand the more technical, scientific, or medical language doctors and other healthcare providers use, it is helpful to know basic health-related vocabulary. This page provides some of the most common English vocabulary used to talk about health and healthcare.

What is the difference between being sick and being ill?

Sick can also refer to feeling nauseous. In British English, to be sick can mean to vomit. Ill is often for more serious health problems (like cancer or pneumonia) but can also be used for short-term ones. Illness (noun) refers to a medical condition.

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