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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'headspace' mean in regard to meditation?

Headspace combines techniques from both calming and insight meditation. While most types of meditation were originally part of various spiritual disciplines, Headspace uses them in a non-religious way. We won't ask you to chant mantras, burn incense or even sit cross-legged!

What are some meditation techniques?

ANSWER: There are many different kinds of meditation techniques. They range from sitting in a "lotus position," cross-legged with the feet resting on the opposite thighs, to staring intensely at a "mandala," a painting with repetitive geometric shapes.

Is Headspace a free app?

Headspace is a free meditation app . Aiming to improve your mind and life and reduce stress. Discover mindfulness for a better you. Read the full Headspace app review for details. If you are impatient this is the short version.

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