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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you connect wireless headphones to a TV?

Connect the transmitter base of your headphones to your audio receiver or television. Using the proper cable for your device (see your owner's manuals), plug one end into the audio input on your wireless headphone transmitter, and the other into the audio out jack on your receiver or television. Test your headphones.

How do you set up a wireless headphone?

Insert the AC/DC power adapter plug into the wireless transmitter and turn it on. Insert the audio cables that came with the headphones into your audio system. Insert the other end of the cables into the transmitter that came with the headphone system.

Are wireless headphones the future of listening?

Headphones are probably one of the biggest examples of wireless technology, but many have been slow to adopt this technology because of sound quality. But times are changing. Each new generation of headphones have improved the overall sound and now wireless headphones are the future of listening. Even a poll at mobilesyrup agrees. While this may be a small sampling, I believe it rings true.

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