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What is the difference between an ionic and a molecular compound?

Differences between Ionic and Molecular Compounds An ionic compound is formed by the reaction of a metal with a non-metal, whereas a molecular compound is usually formed by the reaction of two or more non-metals.

Is HCL an ionic compound or a molecular compound?

A common example of a molecular compound is water or H 2 O, in which the hydrogen and oxygen atoms share a pair of electrons between them, thus forming covalent bonds. Other compounds like HCl (hydrogen chloride), CH 4 (methane), and CO 2 (carbon dioxide) are also molecular compounds. Properties of Ionic and Molecular Compounds

Is HClO3 a strong acid?

The general rule is that the acid is stronger if it has more O atoms in a series such as this. HClO4, perchloric acid, is a very strong acid as is HClO3. HClO2 is a weak acid and HClO is even weaker.

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