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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to work at HCL Technologies?

Less hike, switch if you want to earn more money. Nice infrastructure. Cab facility. So overall it's good to be in HCL technologies. Was this review helpful? Was this review helpful?

What is it like to work at senior mgmt HCl?

Senior mgmt. has no plan for anybody in the US to move up. If you need a quick buck and don't mind the pointless and overwhelming paperwork, go for it. There are new people everyday and they lose more people than they gain, it's a numbers game with HCL. Easy to get hired. It's a PM churning machine. Burnout is tremendous.

What is the work environment and culture like at hithcl?

HCL is a wonderful place to work, employees get lot of opportunities to grow. Work culture is very good, It has a friendly and collaborative work environment. Groupism (like same state, city etc) and politics, which are common in every Indian organisation.

What is it like to work at targethcl as a fresher?

Hcl is a mnc company as all we know that. It is good experience working as a fresher but you can improve yourself in technologies over there. But do not expect salary growth. Except salary everything is fantastic there

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