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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harvest Moon one world a chore?

Harvest Moon: One World is a poor imitation of what the series once was, and it feels more like a rushed mobile game than a full-fledged Switch game. These games have always been about chores, but this one feels like a chore to play.

Is Harvest Moon one world good for farming?

At the heart of Harvest Moon: One World is an interesting twist on farming sims, but its bland, soulless world kills all potential. In Harvest Moon: One World, fledgling farmers will explore an entire world full of new and familiar faces, unique villages, and adventurous challenges while managing their growing farm.

When does Harvest Moon one world release on Nintendo Switch?

Harvest Moon: One World launches on March 2, 2021 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. May 14, 2020 - Plus, hear about Retro's cancelled Nintendo spinoffs! May 12, 2020 - It's Tony Hawk Tuesday!

What's new in Harvest Moon?

While the world of the new Harvest Moon is bigger than ever, it's also one of the emptiest virtual spaces I've ever experienced. You can go to more places, do more busywork, talk to more townspeople than ever before — and each one is more hollow than the last.

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