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Frequently Asked Questions

Who sings “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young?

The Brothers Comatose and AJ Lee of AJ Lee & Blue Summit teamed up to record a cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon.” The collaboration is the latest in a video series featuring BroCo originals and various covers from the Bay Area-based string band. Neil Young wrote “Harvest Moon” as a tribute to his wife at the time, Pegi Young.

What is Neil Young's 19th album?

Harvest Moon is the 19th studio album by Canadian musician Neil Young, released on November 2, 1992. Many of its backing musicians also appeared on Young's 1972 album Harvest .

Who sings on the Brothers Comatose’s Harvest Moon?

AJ Lee provides lead vocals and strums mandolin on the “Harvest Moon” cover. The Brothers Comatose’s Ben Morrison and Alex Morrison each play guitar and provide gorgeous harmony vocals while Steve Height handles upright bass duties. Watch The Brothers Comatose and AJ Lee cover Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” below:

What bands have covered Harvest Moon?

Cassandra Wilson did a cover of the song on her 1995 album New Moon Daughter. Pearl Jam has performed this song several times during their 2005 tour. Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie performed the song in 2007. The Mavericks covered "Harvest Moon" on their 2016 album All Night Live: Volume 1.

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