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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GTA really mean?

Grand Theft Auto (commonly shortened to GTA) is s fun, family friendly, and immersive video game series for young kids and overly protective parents to play together as a family. The series is known for its highly advanced plot lines, realistic graphics and physics, and missions that require intense levels of concentration and skill. They are great games for improving a child's hand-eye ...

What does GTA stand for?

GTA: Greater Toronto Area (Canada) GTA: Grand Theft Auto (legal) GTA: Ground-to-Air

What is the GTA and what does it mean?

GTA means "Grand Theft Auto." You now know what GTA means, but are you good at Cyber Speak? Well, let's see! This test has 6 questions. You will score at least 5 points for a correct answer. You will score bonus points for answering the questions quickly.

What is the aim of GTA?

GTA is a game where you can do random stuff and grind for money, it’s not really one or the other imo. 1. level 1. MonkyHomie. · 1y. PC. Simple.Doing whatever you want whenever you want which is almost impossible in irl. 1. level 1.

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