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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the UK's Green MEPs and what do they do?

Since being first elected in 1999, the UK's Green MEPs have been hugely influential in the European Parliament. Everyone living in modern Britain - and the rest of the EU27 - will have been touched by the causes they have campaigned for, and the beneficial policies that have resulted. In 2019 a #GreenWave swept Europe and the UK.

When was the first Green MP elected?

In May 2010, Lucas was elected as the first Green MP to Westminster with a majority of 1,252. As well as being the first Green MP, Lucas was also the first woman to be elected as an MP for Brighton. She delivered her maiden speech on 27 May 2010.

Who was the first leader of the Green Party?

Lucas was elected as the Green Party's first leader on 5 September 2008, gaining 92% of the vote (against one other candidate, Ashley Gunstock) on a turnout of 38%. Previously the party had operated under a collective leadership.

Who are the new MEPs in the south west region?

In 2019 a #GreenWave swept Europe and the UK. Seven MEPs were elected in England under a system of proportional representation to represent seven different regions. Six of these were new MEPs, while Molly Scott Cato was re-elected in the South West region.

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