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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some famous Green Party leaders?

1.)George Paz Martin- A member of the Green Party of the United States International Committee. 2.)Ralph Nader- An American political activist, as well as an author, lecturer, and attorney, and is a member of the Green Party. He also ran for president.

What is the Green Party Congress?

The party congress, consisting of elected representatives of all of the party's local groups, is the highest decision-making organ in the Green Party.

Can a Green Party member be elected to state level office?

The remainder were members of school boards, clerks, and other local administrative bodies and positions. Several Green Party members have been elected to state-level office, though not always as affiliates of the party. John Eder was elected to the Maine House of Representatives, re-elected in 2004, but defeated in 2006.

Who is the Green Party of Maine's State Representative?

Office holders. Henry John Bear became a member of the Green Party in the same year as Chapman, giving the Maine Green Independent Party and GPUS its second currently-serving state representative, though Bear is a nonvoting tribal member of the Maine House of Representatives.

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