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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gravity energy storage technology?

Gravity energy storage technology (GES) depends on the vertical movement of a heavy object in a gravitational field to store or release electricity. This technology accomplishes energy storage by converting the electrical energy in the power system to the gravitational potential energy of the weight through electromechanical equipment.

How does a gravity piston work?

The gravity piston is placed in a water-filled sealed vessel in a hole under the surface. The technical route controls the water flow through the motor and the pump-turbine unit, which moves the gravity piston to complete the electrical and mechanical energy conversion.

What is gravity power?

Gravity Power is the only storage solution that achieves dramatic economies of scale. PNNL conducted a study to calculate the LCoE (levelized cost of energy) for 14 storage technologies, grouped into Pumped Storage Hydroelectric, Hydrogen, Flow, and Lithium Ion. The Gravity Power technology is by far the most cost-effective.

What is the energy storage capacity of a rock piston?

The project information shows that the energy storage capacity can be selected between 1 and 10 GWh, and when the diameter of the rock piston reaches 100 m, 200 m, and 250 m, 1 GWh, 3 GWh, and 8 GWh of energy storage capacity can be obtained.

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