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Frequently Asked Questions

Is gratisography the best free stock photo site?

Gratisography doesn’t offer as much content as some other free stock photo sites, but Ryan’s creative eye makes up for that, and he adds new pictures every week. You can subscribe to his newsletter for update alerts, or keep an eye on his Twitter account. It’s not essential to credit McGuire when you use his work, but he appreciates it if you do.

Where can I find high quality images for free?

Pixabay – High Quality and German-Engineered Free Images Pixabay is a free stock photo site founded by computer technology experts Hans Braxmeier and Simon Steinberger. In May 2019, it was acquired by the fast-growing and very reputable online design platform Canva.

Where can I find high-res photos of authors?

Graphic and web designer Ryan McGuire is the owner of Gratisography, a site where he offers a collection of nearly 500 high-res photos of his own authorship, for free. The photos are very intimate and unique, far from the typical commercial stock, and of high quality.

What is Freerange stock photos?

Freerange is a free stock photo site providing a large library with thousands of images available to download and use for free. Some of these photos are produced in-house, and some are submitted by users. The selection spans a lot of current and sought-after topics. License Details: There's two: 1.

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