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Frequently Asked Questions

What items does Hell Gollux drop?

Unlike Easy and Normal, this will only drop belts and earrings. Hell Gollux (or Hellux): Kill no body parts, drops pennies, coins, in addition to Superior equipment with the aforementioned drops. Unlike Easy and Normal, this will only drop belts and earrings.

What are the different types of Gollux drops?

Easy Gollux drops (Cracked) Ring, Pendant, Belt, and Earrings. Normal Gollux drops ( Cracked + Solid), Ring, Pendant, Belt, and Earrings. Hard Gollux drops (Cracked + Solid + Reinforced) Belt and Earrings only.

How do you get Gollux coins in Gollux?

The best way to get Gollux coins is to beat Hellux daily and you’ll get around 20-40 coins. Which stage drops gollux coins? The only stages that drop the advanced gollux coins are Hard and Hell Gollux. How many coins does Hard Gollux Drop now? The amount of coins dropped is the same as before, around 20 coins.

Is there a guide to Gollux?

Guide in ' Bossing Guides ' published by bungo, Jul 13, 2020 . Although Gollux was revamped not too long ago, his mechanics are still mostly the same. This guide covers everything you need to know for Hellux or Hardlux runs. As everyone may know, Gollux is a boss that drops coins and equips vital for endgame in GMS, namely the Superior Set.

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