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Frequently Asked Questions

What is goldendupes?

A plugin that recreates dupes from the golden days of Minecraft! Running an anarchy server? Feeling sad that all the popular dupes are patched in the more recent versions of Minecraft? Bring back the golden age of duplicating items in Minecraft with GoldenDupes!

What are the best Golden Goose dupes?

Vintage Havana is the leading brand for scoring the best Golden Goose dupes. So for anyone looking to jump on the “dirty” sneaker trend, these are awesome Golden Goose alternatives that look super stylish and save you money. 1. ShuShop Super Star Glitter Sneaker Dupe This girly dupe adds a little shine to every step you take.

What are the most desired designer dupes?

Read on for the most desired designer dupes from the Gucci loafers and Golden Goose sneakers to jewelry like the beaded Martha Calvo necklace and Cartier rings. Note: this article will be updated as we discover more dupes, so be sure to bookmark and check back often.

What is a Redstone Hopper?

They are just like a regular hopper but you can filter which item can be pulled and push. It tries to mimic the classes redstone hopper filtering design by only allowing one item to be filtered and you must also use one of the items in the filter, not just a reference. This mod is intentionally simple to keep the feel of a vanilla game.

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