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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mystery behind the gods?

The story recounts the reign of the evil King Zhou of the Shang dynasty (an early Chinese dynasty); a time during which allegedly both gods and demons still walked among man. He was a tyrannical and decadent ruler who inflicted great suffering on his subjects under the undue influence of his favorite consort Daji.

What is the life cycle of the gods?

In Maya art, the gods are depicted at all stages of life: as infants, as adults at the peak of their maturity and influence, and as they age. The gods could die, and some were born anew, serving as models of regeneration and resilience.

What two albums did The Gods release?

The Gods were the successors of the Rolling Stones at the Marquee Club in London. After recording two albums, Genesis (1968) and To Samuel a Son (1969), they signed with a new record company and formed Toe Fat, which also lasted two years and two albums.

Who were the members of The Gods?

The Gods were an English rock band founded in 1965. The original band members included Mick Taylor (later with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and the Rolling Stones ), Brian Glascock, his brother John (later with Jethro Tull ), keyboardist Ken Hensley (later with Uriah Heep) and Joe Konas.

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