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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a gnuplot fix for octave?

There are a lot of gnuplot differences and it might be nice to fix those, but someone would have to take an interest. Octave is moving towards OpenGL for all plotting so most developers focuses on bug fixes for that toolkit.

What is polar Octave-Forge?

Octave-Forge is a collection of packages providing extra functionality for GNU Octave. Function Reference: polar Octave-Forge- Extra packages for GNU Octave Home· Packages· Developers· Documentation· FAQ· Bugs· Mailing Lists· Links· Code

How do you plot a polar plot with complex arguments?

Plot the (u, v) components of a vector field emanating from the origin of a polar plot. The arrow representing each vector has one end at the origin and the tip at [ u (i), v (i)]. If a single complex argument z is given, then u = real (z) and v = imag (z) .

How do I change the Theta tick marks on a polar plot?

The polar plot object in Octave adds the rtick and ttick properties to the parent axes which allows you to change the location of the ticks, however, there is unfortunately no tticklabel property that we can use to easily find and modify the theta tick marks.

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