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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download workshop mods?

Okay, so first off you need to make sure that every mod you want is subscribed to. Second, open the game. Third, Alt+Tab out of the game, and go to your Downloads page in the Steam program. Click install under the item labeled "Workshop Files". Wait for the files to finish installing. And you're done!

When will GMOD be free?

you cannot get gmod for free anymore. latest free version was gmod 9, and it's not really available nor supported anymore. to get gmod 13 legally, you'll have to buy it or have it gifted to you. ty for telling me my friend. :) sorry to bother you all.

How to download GMOD addons?

And now here’s a step by step guide for downloading add-ons to Gmod: Step 1: Go to Steam>Steam Library Check your games library and click on Garry's Mod! Step 2: Access the Workshop for Garry’s mod: Click on the tab with the Workshop text Step 3: Accessing the workshop and using the search box:

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