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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is girlfriend collective?

Cult-favorite activewear brand Girlfriend Collective likes to consider themselves Earth’s number one fans.

What do you do with old girlfriend collective clothes?

We make high quality clothes from recycled materials in sizes XXS-6XL. We believe where your clothes end up is just as important as where they come from, so we gladly recycle most old Girlfriend Collective pieces and turn them into future clothes. The squat-proof, supportive, sustainable legging that started it all.

What materials are used to make eco friendly clothing?

This company uses a variety of sustainable materials in production, including hemp, cork trims, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and Tencel, a progressive fabric made from eucalyptus trees. Not only are they eco-friendly, but we love pretty much every one of their nature-inspired designs, too.

Which brands have made public pledges to sustainability?

In honor of Earth Week we’ve rounded up a few brands—from bedding favorites like Buffy and Avocado Mattress to buzzy apparel companies like Marine Layer and Girlfriend Collective —that have made public pledges to sustainability efforts in various ways.

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