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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the skills of geography?

Basic Geography/Geographical Skills. One important geographical skill is map-reading. Nascent geographers usually have a fascination with and an intuitive understanding of maps. Good math skills in algebra, geometry, basic trigonometry, and statistics are needed for advanced geography work.

What are the uses for geography?

Uses of Geography. Geographers work on problems and issues in a wide range of topics from urban planning, to social and community issues, to hazards research. In each case, understanding how people utilize and inhabit space and place, as well as understanding their interactions with the physical environment around them,...

What is geography and geographic literacy?

The National Geographic Society defines geographic literacy as the understanding of human and natural systems and geographic and systematic decision-making. More specifically, it means being equipped to better understand the complexity of the world, how our decisions affect others (and vice versa),...

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