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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a genetic mutation?

A gene mutation (myoo-TAY-shun) is a change in one or more genes. Some mutations can lead to genetic disorders or illnesses. What Are Genes? Genes are short sections of DNA. They determine our traits, which are things like hair color, height, body type, and other things that make a person unique.

What are some examples of gene mutations?

Gene mutation examples include severe genetic disorders, cell overgrowth, tumor formation and heightened risk of breast cancer. Cells have a finely tuned mechanism for correcting mutations at checkpoints during cell division, which detects most mutations. Once DNA proofreading is completed, the cell proceeds to the next stage of the cell cycle.

What causes gene mutations?

A gene mutation can mean that the cell will not make a protein the body needs. A mutation can also cause the cell to make a defective protein. Mutations are often caused by random errors when the DNA sequence in the cell’s nucleus is duplicated during cell division.

What are the effects of genetic mutations?

Gene mutation leads to serious diseases such as sickle cell anemia, β-thalassemia, cancer, and many more in humans. Mutations should be corrected in order to restore gene function for controlling diseases. There is no medicine or vaccine available to correct gene mutation.

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