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Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a generator do I need to run my whole house?

If your home has a smaller furnace and city water, you can generally expect that 3000-5000 watts will cover your needs. If you have a larger furnace and/or a well pump, you will likely need a 5000 to 6500 watt generator.

What size generator is recommended for a house?

The minimum size recommended for home-emergency use is a 5,000-watt generator (starting around $600), which can power multiple appliances for 8 hours. Portable generators are available on our site and can be shipped anywhere around the country.

How big of a generator should I get?

After reviewing wattage requirements and seemingly ever-increasing power needs, a 3,600-watt generator is a good starting point to cover power needs. Of course, every RVer can scale the wattage up or down based on individual needs. Portable units are available for as low as $229, with an average mid-range price of between $350-$559.

What size home standby generator do I Need?

If your home has a 100-amp panel, you’ll need a 100-amp ATS. Ultimately the generator size will be based on the total running watts and starting KVA of all the circuits, appliances, and mechanical systems connected to the generator. Both of these numbers must be calculated.

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