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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you file a claim with GEICO?

Quick Answer. To file a claim with GEICO, gather information about the claim and log onto an account with GEICO and submit the claim. After filing, have the car inspected and get an estimate for the repairs, and work with the claims adjuster to expedite the claim, advises CarsDirect.

How is GEICO claims?

How GEICO Claims are Investigated. The adjuster will proceed to contact every party involved in the accident - drivers, passengers, witnesses, etc. To get everyone’s version of events. When there are conflicting accounts of what occurred in the accident, the adjuster conducts a more in-depth interview with each person involved.

What is the phone number for GEICO claims in Florida?

Phone Number of Geico Claims Florida is +1-(800)-861-8380, +1 352-375-2886, +1 863-646-9700 . GEICO stands for government employee’s insurance company.

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