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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GDP per capita and how is it calculated?

Per capita income, also known as income per person, is the mean income of the people in an economic unit such as a country or city. It is calculated by taking a measure of all sources of income in the aggregate (such as GDP or Gross national income) and dividing it by the total population.

What is the formula for calculating GDP per capita?

Here's the formula to calculate real GDP per capita (R) if you only know nominal GDP (N) and the deflator (D): (N / D) / C = real GDP per capita. The best way to calculate real GDP per capita for the United States is to use the real GDP estimates already published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

How do you calculate the growth rate of real GDP per capita?

The real Gross Domestic Product per person, or per capita, is calculated by first adjusting the nominal GDP of a country for inflation by dividing the nominal GDP by the deflator. The adjusted number, or real GDP, is then divided by the country's population.

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