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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capital of Gansu province?

The capital city of Gansu Province is Lanzhou City which is in the southeastern part of Gansu Province. Gansu Province has a great history of the former Chinese Empire during the Han and the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall of China was extended through Gansu during the Han Dynasty.

What is the population of Lanzhou in Gansu?

With a population of 3,616,163, Lanzhou is Gansu’s most populous city. Lanzhou is a multicultural city, as its population contains individuals from 56 different ethnic groups.

What are the biggest industries in Gansu?

Most of Gansu's economy is based on the mining industry and the extraction of minerals, especially rare earth elements. Tourism also plays a role in Gansu's economy. The State of Qin originated in what is now southeastern Gansu and went on to form the first known Empire in what is now China.

What is the minority population of Gansu?

Among its total population of 26 million, the minority population takes up 2.199 million. Hui nationality is the largest in all the minority nationalities with a population of 1.185 million. Ten ethnic groups of Hui. Tibet, Dongxiang, Tu, Yugu, Baoan, Mongolia, Sala, Hazak and Manchu have inhabited in Gansu for generations.

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