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Frequently Asked Questions

What is g2401 and g2407?

This section shall govern the approval and installation of all equipment and appliances that comprise parts of the installations regulated by this code in accordance with Section G2401. The requirements for combustion and dilution air for gas-fired appliances shall be governed by Section G2407.

What is the g2412 code for piping and tubing?

Piping, tubing and fittings shall comply with the applicable referenced standards, specifications and performance criteria of this code and shall be identified in accordance with Section G2412.9. Piping, tubing and fittings shall either be tested by an approved third-party testing agency or certified by an approved third-party certification agency.

What is section g2412 of the Texas Gas Act?

Except as provided in Section G2412.1.1, gas piping, meters, gas pressure regulators, and other appurtenances used by the serving gas supplier in the distribution of gas, other than undiluted LP-gas. Portable LP-gas appliances and equipment of all types that is not connected to a fixed fuel piping system.

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