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What is the song in the McDonald's commercial with the doll?

The commercial with a boy (who's wearing almost the exact same outfit as the doll) riding a "big wheels" tricycle singing "My buddy (my buddy) my buddy (my buddy) where ever I go you're gonna go my buddy my buddy my buddy my buddy, my buddy and me.

What is the song from the milk and cheese commercial?

That animated commercial where a line of dairy products- cheese, milk, etc. are singing : "Let's go out to the kitchen, Let's go out to the kitchen, Let's got ou to the kitchen, and get ourselves a snack. Oooh Ah . . ." I think it was a commercial promoting milk but it may have been promoting healthy snacks.

What is the jingle in the commercial for Murphy's Oil?

Commercial opens with a woman and her teenage daughter singing the jingle to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw": "I've been using Murphy's Oil on this hardwood floor of mine. Now the dirt is finished, but the finish is fine."

What is the McDonalds commercial with the Ferrari and Hot Wheels?

There was a McDonalds commercial when they had special edition Hot Wheels toys in the happy meals and the dad comes home and says "Hey, I got a ferrari!" Ane the family says excitedly, "A Ferrari?!"

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