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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind Fur Elise?

The Story of Fur Elise. This story is about a girl who loves music. She heard a music called Fur Elise when she was walking outside. She instantly fall in love with this music.

When was Fur Elise first performed?

Fur Elise #1 and Fur Elise #2. Slightly different variations performed (or tried at least!). See if you can spot the intended difference. Fur Elise was first performed in 1810, this actually puts it in the Romantic era as the traditional definition of the classic era is 1750-1800.

Who sang Fur Elise?

Ludwig Van Beethoven wrote the popular piano piece called "Klavierstuck Fur Elise" in April 27, 1810. It is believed to be originally written for a woman named Therese Malfatti.

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