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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best fenders for semi trucks?

Check out the options in stainless steel or aluminum full fenders for semi trucks from Iowa 80. The ribbed mill finish in aluminum is as classy as it is durable, with flanged edges for extra protection. A pair of brute poly fenders have superior spray and debris control, and they are practically indestructible to salt or corrosion.

What is a full tandem truck fender?

In addition to providing protection for you, full tandem truck fenders all help protect other motorists along the roadways. A full tandem fender is used to cover both of the wheels on a dual wheel axle, and while it makes for a great-looking accessory, it is more for safety than anything else.

What is a tri axle semi truck fender?

Tri-Axle Full Semi Fenders These unique semi-truck fenders provide an extra 62” of total coverage over our full tandem axle fenders. In addition, our polypropylene tri axle class 8 fenders can be configured to even longer lengths than what our 98” tri axle flats generally cover in other materials. Specialty Custom Semi Truck Fenders

Why choose Trux accessories for semi truck fenders?

Get reliable and long-lasting semi truck fenders. These fenders use heavy-duty materials that can withstand the everyday abuse of being on the road. From top brands like Trux Accessories and Phoenix USA, you'll get superior control of spray and debris off the tires.

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