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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a SSN to run a background check?

While background check by ssn do exist, most companies that perform them require an official, authorized purpose for the search. In fact, the people that most often run a background check by SSN are lawyers and private investigators – both of whom are required to follow specific legal protocols.

How to check the status of a SSN?

How to Check Your Social Security Statement Online Head to the official Social Security website. (Make sure you're at and that the start of the URL includes "https" indicating that it's a secure connection.) Create an account. Follow the instructions carefully. ... After you've created your account, log in. Even here, you'll encounter an additional security measure. ...

Can I run a background check without a Social Security number?

A criminal background check does not require a social security number. A full name and date of birth are crucial for determining if you have the right information. Eviction reports are available without a social security number.

Does a background check hurt your credit score?

A credit history is often included in background checks, which means there's a definite possibility that your prospective employer will go digging through your credit history. These background checks won't hurt your credit score, but they can impact your chances of getting a job.

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