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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fruity Pebbles a good strain?

As mentioned, Fruity Pebbles bears a resemblance to its parent strains in terms of how it looks, feels, smells, and tastes, and could be a great strain for people who love the taste, aroma, and sensation of smoking a strain as much as the high itself. Was this useful for you? Yes 14 No 1

Are Fruity Pebbles seeds feminized?

Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase Fruity Pebbles feminized marijuana weed seeds, a mostly Indica strain, from Blimburn Seeds Bank. Our seeds are fresh and ready to germinate. Follow our Germination guide and for best results! Fruity Pebbles Indica strain crosses Cherry Pie x Tangie.

What is Fruity Pebbles?

Although its appearance and tropical taste may classify it as a novelty craft strain, Fruity Pebbles can be a potent standby option. Whether a hybrid that stimulates thought and creativity or an indica suited to solo evening use, this strain has a nuanced high to match its impressive taste profile.

How do you grow Fruity Pebbles?

Those looking to grow their own supply of Fruity Pebbles can obtain clones (healthy clippings) from mature plants. Alternatively, it’s possible to buy packaged seeds of Fruity Pebbles. Growing outdoors requires a steady temperate climate with indirect sunlight.

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