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Frequently Asked Questions

What is partition clone?

Clone an Entire Partition with EaseUS Partition Master. Partition cloning is a category of software which copies the contents of one partition on the hard disk to another or into an "image" (a file). Often, the contents of the first partition are written to an image file as an intermediate step, and the second partition is loaded with the contents...

What is system clone?

A system clone is the copying of a system in which the system name remains the same.

What is disk clone software?

Disk cloning software replicates a computer's operating system, drives, software, and patches. It eliminates the time-consuming technical process of manually reinstalling and reconfiguring a system so you can perform one or more of the following:

What is disk clone?

The definition of Disk clone is to transfer data from one hard disk to another. Thus the destination disk and the source disk will have exactly same data after clone. Disk clone may free you from the trivial and repetitive installing tasks. Disk clone is considered to be rather useful in computer lab build-up for schools.

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