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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact DSHS in Washington State?

Please email us at [email protected] you have any questions and we will respond within two (2) business days. Accessing the Background Check System (BCS): DSHS Authorized Licensed Facilities, Contractors, Vendors and Providers

How do I complete a background check for the DSHS program?

Applicants also have the option to complete an online version of the Background Check Authorization form . The requesting entity will submit your background check through the online Background Check System (BCS). The DSHS program that is requiring the background check may have additional instructions that you must follow.

What is the DSHS Office Locator?

Our new office locator allows you to locate your nearest DSHS Office or Resource based on your zip code, city or county. How do I pay my child support? How do I receive my court ordered child support?

What does the Washington Department of social and health services do?

Nearly one out of every four Washington citizens turns to the Department of Social and Health Services' Economic Services Administration for assistance with cash, food, child support, child care, disability determination, transition to employment, and other services. Core services focus on:

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