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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the my fortress system?

When used with the My Fortress app the system becomes a powerhouse of security and control features. With application control available on Android and Apple devices and optional Monitoring, this system takes security to a whole new level!

What is fortress?

An AI-enabled proprietary security engine consisting of industry-specific vulnerability datasets that are strengthened and evaluated each day. Fortress helps prevent security breaches and ensure regulatory compliance with end-to-end assessment services and continuous management.

What is fortfortress information security?

Fortress Information Security secures critical infrastructure from cybersecurity risks with asset and vendor risk management solutions. Fortress is the only company that connects IT & OT assets and vendors in a holistic approach.

Why choose fortress solutions as your OEM Service Provider?

Once carriers can de-bundle from the classic, expensive OEM service model, we provide the services an operator requires to reliably sustain the life of their technology, at a price point far more competitive. At Fortress Solutions, we know your network is not only the backbone of your operation, but at the heart of it as well.

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