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Frequently Asked Questions

What is castle defense?

With Castle Defense, get ready to develop your castles into massive fortresses! You are the commander of this magical empire, and it is your duty to take down the enemies. Use your powers to deploy the best warriors and defense your castle no matter what. Goblins, evil bats, and spiders, the army of the opponent kingdom, will be waiting for you.

What are the best tower defending games for PC?

If some of your favorite tower defending games include a bit of survival tactic, Dig or Die is the game for you! In this game, players take on the role as an employee of CRAFT & Co., an automated tool manufacturer who’s given you to the job to do some planet-to-planet sales.

Should I join fortfortress' legal defense network?

Fortress strongly recommends that all defensive firearm owners join the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. There are currently no events scheduled. …I’m in awe of you and your staff’s dedication, professionalism and knowledge.

How do you protect a castle in tower defense?

In this tower defense game, your objective is to protect the castle by deploying warriors on strategic spots. The troops, like the warrior, sorcerer, and the houses, provide a different kind of protection. The warrior and the wooden house show more effect on the soldiers.

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