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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fortfortress clothing®?

Fortress Clothing® is an outdoor clothing brand that focuses on keeping your core warm, even when you’re wet. Using Aeris®, a patented insulation technology. Fortress locks in body heat and removes moisture, our Aeris insulation has a broad temperature range, keeping you warm and comfortable, even in severe cold and wet conditions.

Why choose fortress clothing?

With Fortress, you can put Mother Nature in her place by staying comfortably warm from 40 above to 40 below or more. When you are warm to the core, you can take on the cold with new-found confidence. Take control with Fortress. Commissions earned. Fortress Clothing® is an outdoor clothing brand that keeps your core warm, even when you’re wet.

What happened to fortfortress basepro?

Fortress BasePro won both “Best New Product 2018” and “Best in Show” at the WorldWide Winter Show held by the suppliers of more than 3,000 vendors in the United States and Canada that deal in outdoor products. Fortress hit some bumps along the way.

Why does Dale wear fortress?

But Fortress also keeps people warm without cumbersome bulk while doing everyday activities, such as shoveling the sidewalk or walking the dog, Dale gives back to his community by generously donating Fortress Gear to homeless shelters. Making premium Vietnamese lattes at home has never been easier.

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