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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an 18% discount on fortress clothing?

Enter my discount code epguy18 they will give you an 18% discount! Now, that we’ve taken a look at the BasePro line, the base layer to keep you warm, let’s explore what Fortress Clothing has created to protect you from wind, snow, rain and ice-covered lakes!

What is fortfortress clothing®?

Fortress Clothing® is an outdoor clothing brand that focuses on keeping your core warm, even when you’re wet. Using Aeris®, a patented insulation technology. Fortress locks in body heat and removes moisture, our Aeris insulation has a broad temperature range, keeping you warm and comfortable, even in severe cold and wet conditions.

What is fortress clothing?

The Fortress line of clothing is designed to keep you warm in the bitter cold, even after you’re soaked to the bone, without your having to get out of your wet clothes. In fact, when the company first started so many didn’t believe the company’s claims, the CEO and other employees jumped into a frozen lake and filmed it.

How does fortress keep you warm?

With Fortress you can keep Mother Nature in check by staying warm from -35˚ F to 60˚ F with only 1-2 layers, all this with the new Aeris Insulation. FORTRESS IS MADE TO WORK WHEN SOAKING WET! Fortress keeps you warm to the core even when you’re wet from rain, snow sweat, or plunging into icy water.

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