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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of a fork?

The fork() function is used to create a new process by duplicating the existing process from which it is called. The existing process from which this function is called becomes the parent process and the newly created process becomes the child process.

What is the definition of Fork?

The definition of a fork is a tool with a handle and two or more prongs at the end or a division into two branches. An example of a fork is what people stick into a piece of meat to pick it up to eat it.

What is the use of a fork?

A fork is a tool used for eating food which has a row of three or four long metal points at the end. ...knives and forks. If you fork food into your mouth or onto a plate, you put it there using a fork. Ann forked some fish into her mouth.

What is the origin of Fork?

Although its origin may go back to Ancient Greece, the personal table fork was most likely invented in the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, where they were in common use by the 4th century.

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