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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Fontainebleau open in Las Vegas?

It is on the 24.5-acre (9.9 ha) site previously occupied by the El Rancho Hotel and Casino and the Algiers Hotel. The project was announced as Fontainebleau Las Vegas in May 2005, with initial plans to begin construction by March 2006, and to have the resort opened by 2008.

Is the Fontainebleau Las Vegas 75 percent complete?

Plans to finish constructing and open the Fontainebleau Las Vegas have been released online after the property has sat unfinished on the Las Vegas Strip for more than 10 years. As of this week, the site’s developers report the project is 75 percent complete.

Who is the operator of Fontainebleau Las Vegas?

In a press release, the group announced that upon opening, Fontainebleau Development will be the sole hotel operator of Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

How many floors does the Fontainebleau have?

Thirty floors and counting, Fontainebleau's construction pace is steady. The bleau glass shows off the subtly-curved shape of the tower.

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