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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Font Awesome on npm?

Install as npm install font-awesome --save-dev. In your development less file, you can either import the whole font awesome less using @import "node_modules/font-awesome/less/font-awesome.less", or look in that file and import just the components that you need.

How do I use Font Awesome Pro-only icons?

If you have an active Font Awesome Pro Plan, you can install Pro packages to use Pro-only icons. Access to the Pro packages, which contain more icons and styles, requires you to complete some additional configuration before installing. Here’s how you would install Pro versions of our solid, regular, light, and duotone icons:

What is Font Awesome?

The iconic font and CSS framework. Font Awesome is a full suite of 675 pictographic icons for easy scalable vector graphics on websites, created and maintained by Dave Gandy. Stay up to date with the latest release and announcements on Twitter: @fontawesome.

What is the Font Awesome package manager?

Package managers like npm and yarn are probably familiar tools for you and your team. With them, you can easily upgrade to newer versions of Font Awesome when they are released and better manage access to Pro packages. What’s in the Font Awesome Package? The Web-focused Font Awesome Package contains the following directories and files:

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