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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is flammability testing important?

Flammability Testing. Reduce the incidence of product related fires. The flammability of materials and finished products used in commercial, industrial and residential settings represent an important consideration in overall efforts to minimise the risk of injuries and deaths attributable to fires.

What are flammability limits?

flammability limits. [‚flam·ə′bil·əd·ē ‚lim·əts] (chemistry) The stoichiometric composition limits (maximum and minimum) of an ignited oxidizer-fuel mixture what will burn indefinitely at given conditions of temperature and pressure without further ignition.

What does flammability limit mean?

A flammability limit is a range of concentrations of flammable gas that could result in fire if an ignition source is provided.

What is the flammability rating?

Flammability. The ratings achieved are used in building codes, insurance requirements, fire codes and other regulations governing the use of building materials as well as the storage and handling of highly flammable substances inside and outside of structures and in surface and air transportation.

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