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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FMJ used for?

FMJ is "Full Metal Jacket" and is used to describe rounds that are entirely encased (except for the bullet base, typically) in a metal jacket, usually copper alloy called gilding metal.

What is FMJ ball ammo?

Currently, most military ball ammo is full metal jacket (FMJ) construction. That is, the nose and main body are completely covered in jacketing material (guilding metal, usually). The base in normally open due to manufacturing techniques. However, the total metal jacket (TMJ) bullets are, in function, the same as FMJ.

What is FMJ BT ammo?

Another acronym that you may not know, but one that you’ll see often is “BT,” for Boat Tail. It’s often on the ammo box as “FMJ-BT” or “FMJBT”. A boat tail is a bullet feature that is specific to a number of calibers of rifle ammunition, and it’s intended to improve the accuracy and trajectory of medium to long-range ammunition.

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