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Frequently Asked Questions

What is T molding trim?

T-Molding is the plastic trim or edging that can be used to give a nice finish to a wide variety of products, including furniture, boats, arcade machines, slot machines, tables in VW camper vans and more. T-Molding is sometimes referred to as “plastic edging” “t trim” “plastic trim” or “t lining”.

What is trim and molding?

Trim molding is a small piece of wood that is used to accentuate areas of a room. It may be used along doors, windows, cabinets, ceilings or floors. Trim molding refers to a piece of wood that is used to provide a finished appearance to a room.

What is trim trim?

The definition of trim is neat in appearance or in excellent physical shape. An example of trim is a clean shaven face.

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