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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lowe’s sell moulding?

Moulding comes in a range of materials, sizes and types. Whether you’re looking for round moulding, baseboard moulding or moulding elements like rosettes, you’ll find it all at Lowe’s.

What is fluted molding?

Fluted Moldings. Fluted Molding is a particular style of trim that is widely popular and easy to incorporate into cabinetry, book cases, entertainment centers, and many other custom furniture & trim applications.

Does Lowe’s sell window trim?

Whether you’re looking for exterior window trim, interior window trim, door casing or door jamb fittings, Lowe’s has a huge assortment of millwork to get the job done. Moulding makes a big impact on the overall look of rooms, doors and windows.

How do I choose the right moulding for my home?

We can help you decide. There are a variety of moulding types, including chair rails, crown moulding, baseboards and more. If you’re looking specifically for window and door moulding, opt for casing and architraves. Entryways are big focal areas, so add door trim to a door frame to help make a big impact to the overall look and feel of your home.

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