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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you make in a fluted tube pan?

No Bundts about it: you'll love these breads, Bundt cakes and more recipes made in a fluted tube pan. A moist cake and generous frosting are filled with the fabulous flavor of caramel. The candied pecans are almost a dessert by themselves!—Jennifer Rodriguez, Midland, Texas

How do I choose the best angel food cake pan?

The best angel food cake pan can help you create the classic American bake in your own kitchen. The perfect pan for such a cake must have certain features, such as a tube-shaped design, straight sides, and an interior the cake can "cling" to.

What is the size of a red Nordic Ware baking pan?

This cheerful red option is made of aluminum and has a 10-inch diameter. This pan's capacity is a family-friendly 12 cups. Nordic Ware states that this pan's interior has a nonstick finish that's specially designed for high sugar content bakes, such as cakes.

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