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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of a Doric column?

Doric columns typically have a simple, rounded capital at the top; a heavy, fluted or smooth column shaft; and no base. Flutes are vertical, parallel channels that run the length of a column.

How many flutes does a fluted column have?

Fluted columns styled under the Doric order of architecture have 20 flutes. Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite columns traditionally have 24. Fluting is never used on Tuscan order columns. Fluting is always applied exclusively to the shaft of the column, and may run either the entire shaft length from the base to the capital, ...

What is the principle of Doric fluting?

A Doric flutings B smooth columns C Doric columns. _The principle of Doric fluting can be seen in the above picture A. The Doric flutes were shallow and always ending in a sharp ridge in contrast to the Ionic flutes that always had a narrow even plane between the flutes. The meaning of the fluting has aroused debate among scholars.

Did the Greeks invent the fluted column?

The other reason for my skepticism, is that the Greeks weren’t the first to encorporate fluting. The Egyptians were fluting (is that a word?) some of their columns long before the Greeks started fluting their Doric columns (around the late 7th century bce).

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