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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a flute?

Size of flute: 1/8” tall. One roll contains 250ft per roll. Eco-friendly option for packing/padding items. Clean and quick way to protect floors. Keeps your items safe, even fragile glass. 100% recyclable.

What is B-flute and how do you use it?

It can also be used to protect furniture in transit or storage. The single face offers far more flexibility that works great for shipping and moving items. *B-Flute makes for Great floor protection during construction, protect tile, wood and other flooring from scratches, dings, cracks, paint etc.

What is f-flute packaging?

Developed for small retail packaging, F-flute makes packages with lower fiber content. With reduced fiber in the packaging, a more rigid box is created with less solid waste going into landfills. In Europe, F-flute is being used for specialty packaging, point-of-purchase displays, jewelry and cosmetic packages, and shoe boxes.

What are the advantages of E-flute?

Containing about 90 flutes per foot, E-flute has greater crush resistance and a relatively flat surface for high quality printing applications. The thin board profile of E-flute reduces outer box dimensions, and can help save storage space.

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